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After another extended work-induced hiatus, here is my first frogfish video! I was invited by Atmosphere Resort in Dumaguete, Philippines, to shoot and compose some macro videos for their promotional material. It was a banner year for diversity and abundance of juvenile frogfish, including some wee tiny little froggies. Enjoy and -- as always -- please share widely and invite your friends to visit Macronesia!

Macronesia is back!  After a long break from editing due to a hectic work life, I have finally collected some highlights from my first trip to Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, a magical macro wonderland.  Please enjoy the beauty and diversity, and share it with your friends.

Macronesia:  Island life, up close

Welcome to Macronesia, where we explore rarely seen worlds through the lens of science.  While this site is primarily a showcase for the photographer and biologist Shane Siers, we'll also explore the evolution and ecology of these alien realms and discuss the social, economic and environmental issues threatening their existence -- and the effects that their loss would have on our lives.

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