Why won't your videos play on my device?

Most problems are due to slow internet connection speeds, especially on portable devices like smartphones and tablets.  Most video hosting sites (YouTube, Vimeo, FB) reduce video quality to deliver video over slow connections, but this seriously degrades the quality of the image.  I specifically chose a hosting service that lets me disable quality reduction because I work very hard to show only top-quality video, and I don't want my videos seen if they will look poor.  I'm sorry, but that's a trade-off I've made.  I hope you will try to access my videos again from a faster connection...I think you'll find that the quality is worth it. 

Why can't I watch videos fullscreen?

I work hard to ensure that the images you see are very crisp and high-quality.  Most internet connections do not allow smooth playback of high-quality video at fullscreen.  I limit the video size to maintain image sharpness which would be lost by expanding to fullscreen.  In the future, I plan a Downloads page where you can download videos in all of their full HD glory (1920x1080 30p) and watch them on your own device from a local harddrive without image degradation or streaming delays.

What equipment do you use? 

Macronesia is intended to promote an aesthetic and intellectual appreciation of the natural world, and not as a forum for the discussion of technical issues of image capture, editing and distribution.  For those sorts of discussions, I direct you to the Macronesia Facebook Page where we can discuss such issues as a community without diluting the objectives of this outlet.  

Why do my comments not appear? 

I hope Macronesia will become a forum for us to learn from each other about the creatures and issues discussed in the post comments.  In order to make it easy for viewers to find comments that have substantive contributions to the discussion, I will moderate all comments and only approve those that contribute meaningfully to the conversation.  Please feel free to leave comments telling me how much you like a post!  However, to avoid viewers having to sift through your (much-appreciated) compliments, I will enjoy them without posting...but I do love reading them, so please keep them coming!

What answers would you like to see here? 

You can always contact me at macronesia.net@gmail.com or the Macronesia Facebook Page...if you have a question of broad interest, I will share it here.