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Hi, I'm Shane.

Shane Siers, that is.  Macronesia is a showcase for my photography and videography, primarily of small marine life.  I'm a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at Colorado State University.  I'm a terrestrial wildlife ecologist studying prospects for landscape-level suppression of invasive Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on Guam.  When I'm not in the jungle, the lab, the library or behind my computer, I prefer to be beneath the waves with my camera and a full tank of air.  

What Macronesia is About

Macronesia is an outlet for sharing my images with family, friends, and anyone with an interest in marine ecology and conservation.  I'm not a marine biologist by training, but being a natural scientist I hope to share the new knowledge I gain as I explore outside of my area of specialty.

Macronesia is not about the promotion of the sport of recreational diving, nor is it about the technical aspects of underwater photography.  My images do not contain people, because I intend for Macronesia to be an immersive experience where the viewer is transported to another world away from human intrusion.  However, we know that no ecosystem on Earth is untainted by the impacts of human activities; those will be discussed in the more topical and informational posts.  

Through the Lens of Science

I hope to promote not only an aesthetic response to the beauty of the natural world, but also to stimulate an intellectual appreciation of the science behind its evolution, ecology, and conservation.